Introducing Guide Us Green: A Website Community with a Purpose

Fia Turczynewycz
Sep 10, 2019
It began as a list - an online, static directory of businesses in the regions that support sustainable living. A green phone book, if you will. But then, combine the partnership of two sustainably driven, incredibly passionate people, toss in 2 more equally passionate people that understand business and web design, and that static list grew into what is predicted to be a thriving, website community with a purpose. 

Guide Us Green is an online directory, but it is anything but static. This website will continuously ebb and flow as it showcases businesses and organizations that put in the extra effort and intention to be healthy and sustainable for their customers, the planet, and themselves. Whether you are looking for a restaurant that sources food locally, a park to breathe in the fresh air of the outdoors, a studio to practice yoga, or a contractor that understands solar panels or rain gardens, this site has it. And more. 

From grocery to recreation to building, Guide Us Green’s directory carefully lists entities that strive to either provide services that promote a sustainable lifestyle, however you define it, and/or practices sustainability within their own operations. Strawless restaurants, vegan menus, cycle bars, green-versed architects, and so on. Each listing describes the business, along with common FAQs and a highlighted “green profile” that showcases how that specific business aligns with Guide Us Green’s values. 

To keep from being a static list, Guide Us Green encourages users to write reviews of the places they frequent, helping to keep information up to date, real, and accurate. The Guide Us Green Forum provides users with a space to exchange information, resources, and ideas. Users can also recommend businesses to be added to the community. 

Guide Us Green is striving to help make life a little easier by taking the guesswork out of where to shop, and/or making shopping at your fingertips a little bit easier. Hopefully Guide Us Green’s community will allow you to shop at markets and grocery stores that provide earth friendly products, locally grown produce, and other goods that support healthy and sustainable lifestyles. 

You don’t have to change every single thing you do, but just change at least one. And then change one more. Howard Zinn stated, “We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world." Let’s be a part of the change that will transform the world. Visit now to share feedback, write a review, recommend a business, claim your business, or search the directory to find a space that will help you grow towards a healthier, more sustainable way of life.


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